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A list of Blog themes for Eleventy

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Theme by 11ty
Github Stars Github Stars: 985
Last Commit Last Commit: Apr 19, 2023

A starter repository for a blog web site using the Eleventy static site generator.

Eleventy Base Blog screenshot
Theme by ixartz
Github Stars Github Stars: 252
Last Commit Last Commit: May 26, 2021

Eleventy Starter is production-ready with SEO-friendly for quickly starting a blog. Built with …

Eleventy Starter Boilerplate screenshot
Theme by arpitbatra123
Github Stars Github Stars: 91
Last Commit Last Commit: Oct 4, 2021

A minimal blog template using eleventy

Eleventy Blog Mnml screenshot
Theme by iakmds
Github Stars Github Stars: 71
Last Commit Last Commit: May 20, 2023

A free and open source local CMS for static site generators

Buhocms screenshot
Theme by ar363
Github Stars Github Stars: 48
Last Commit Last Commit: Apr 25, 2023

Repository for a template blog website built out using Eleventy static site generator and Stylus CSS …

Eleventy Stylus Blog Theme screenshot
Theme by chrissy-dev
Github Stars Github Stars: 47
Last Commit Last Commit: Nov 30, 2021

A simple journal/photo log website built on top of Eleventy (11ty).

Simple Journal screenshot
Theme by marcomicale
Github Stars Github Stars: 24
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 21, 2023

A 11ty starter, PWA, Tailwind Css, SEO...

Minimalism screenshot
Theme by bradleytaunt
Github Stars Github Stars: 22
Last Commit Last Commit: Dec 9, 2020

Open source 11ty theme with personality

Stacks 11ty screenshot
Theme by lwojcik
Github Stars Github Stars: 22
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 1, 2023

Single-column blog template for Eleventy focused on simplicity without sacrificing functionality

Eleventy Template Bliss screenshot
Theme by nerdhaus
Github Stars Github Stars: 22
Last Commit Last Commit: Jan 25, 2022

Eleventufte screenshot
Theme by templatedeck
Github Stars Github Stars: 19
Last Commit Last Commit: Sep 23, 2022

hyper focused blog

Brook screenshot
Theme by miayam
Github Stars Github Stars: 11
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 2, 2023

The brutalist blog site built & designed by Muhamad D. R.

Miayam screenshot