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11ty is an emerging SSG written in Javascript. It competes with Hugo & Jekyll for marketshare. Being written in Javascript gives it broader appeal (more people are comfortable with js rather than Go or Ruby) and access to the NPM ecosystem. It supports a range of templating libraries including Liquid and Nunjucks. It supports Markdown, frontmatter and data json files for content with the added potential of fetching data over API's during build time.

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Theme by web3templates

Medicity is a medical website template built with Next.js & TailwindCSS.

W3T Medicity screenshot
Theme by panoply
Last Commit Last Commit: Nov 7, 2023

💧Liquid language support for VS Code

Vscode Liquid screenshot
Last Commit Last Commit: Oct 29, 2021

JAMstack demo site - prerendered with serverless API fallbacks

Virtual Lolly screenshot
Theme by guerillahq
Last Commit Last Commit: Feb 17, 2024

Handpicked Vanilla JavaScript Plugins Repository

Vanillalist screenshot
Theme by gregives
Last Commit Last Commit: Sep 27, 2021

An Eleventy starter project built to be fast

Twelvety screenshot
Theme by slorber
Last Commit Last Commit: Aug 10, 2023

Understand and fix your static website trailing slash issues!

Trailing Slash Guide screenshot
Theme by stefanjudis
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 10, 2024

A collection of useful online web development tools

Tiny Helpers screenshot
Theme by 5t3ph
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 16, 2023

A modern CSS showcase styled by community contributions. Add your stylesheet!

Stylestage screenshot
Theme by zachleat
Last Commit Last Commit: Mar 13, 2024

Benchmark the web performance and accessibility of sites over time.

Speedlify screenshot
Theme by broeker
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 30, 2022

💥 Create fast and simple documentation to explain almost anything. Uses Eleventy, Tailwind 2.0, and …

Spacebook screenshot
Theme by 5t3ph
Last Commit Last Commit: Jun 12, 2021

Extremely minimal Eleventy starter to kickstart a simple multi-page site / a nearly opinionless …

Smol 11ty Starter screenshot
Theme by maybethisisru
Last Commit Last Commit: Nov 22, 2022

A standards-respecting starter kit for Eleventy. Go Indie.

Smix Eleventy Starter screenshot